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         The swaying coconut trees in the gentle breeze is reminiscent of the soft and languorous movements of Mohiniyattam - the feminine classical dance form Versatile Dancer in Kolkataof Kerala. Literally meaning the Dance of the Enchantress, it is deeply rooted in femininity, GRACE (Lasya) and BEAUTY (Sringara) forming the quintessence of this dance form.

Of all the classical South Indian styles, Mohiniyattam can be singled out with admirable distinction, for it's characteristic body movements, marked by the graceful sway of the torso. What is unique is the easy going rise andDance Teacher in Kolkata fall of the body, with emphasis mainly on the torso. The movements are never abrupt, but dignified, easy, natural, restrained and yet subtle. The glances, postures, gait employed are so subtle and graceful that they convey the infinite suggestiveness of radiant love.

The traditional costume worn in Mohiniyattam is white with a gold border, and gold ornaments are worn. The unique coiffure with hair gathered on the left side of the head reflect it's aesthetic appeal, making it distinct from the other dance forms of India. The regional system of music that Mohiniyattam follows is the SOPANA style which in it's lyricism is evocative of the spiritual element.

                    It was during the reign of the great Poet King, Maharaja Swati Tirunal that Mohiniyattam
                     received considerable patronage. After his untimely demise, adverse circumstances led to
                     the decline of this dance form till when in the 1930's Mahakavi Vallathol founded the Kerala
                     Kalamandalam and once again revived the dance form. More recently, relentless efforts
                     of exponents and researchers like Guru Padmashri Smt. Bharati Shivaji have contributed
                     significantly in ensuring Mohiniyattam's place on the world map.


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